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Advice for People Afriad to Fly

In this day and age air travel is becoming incredibly common.  We travel to other cities to conduct business and we fly to exotic destinations for those all-too-short vacations.  The airplane is here to stay.  Many people these days are afraid to fly or otherwise have phobias or anxieties revolving around air travel, much like others experience as panic attacks while driving or sleep panic attacks.

It's important to realize that aerophobia (another term for a fear of flying) can have it's root cause in many different realms, it is not simply a fear of the act of flying.  Some might get anxious at the thought of how high in the air they are and other people could find fear at the idea of being trapped in a tight and cramped space.  Others might have control issues trusting the pilot to fly the plane safely, while news reports of a recent plane crash could strike fear in others.  There are countless reasons why somebody could be afraid to fly.

So what can a person do to make flying more tolerable?

First, try to trace your fear down to a root, some aspect of flying that causes you the most fear.  Can you think of anything that could spark this fear?  Could it be something stressful or traumatic that happened when you were a child?  When you have a thorough understanding of your fear you are more equipped to handle it and prepare yourself in advance when you will be flying.

Sometimes you will find that the more you know about aviation, the more your mind will be at ease.  It can be helpful to get a stronger understanding of how airplanes function and the science that keeps them up in the air.  Do your best to find a book or other resource that explains this in an easy to understand way.

Find a support group.  Maybe you can turn to your friends and family, if you feel that they will understand and offer you support.  Also look into internet forums and message boards where you can connect with others, share your experiences, and learn new techniques to manage anxiety.  If you have money you might be able to find help from a psychologist or therapist that practices in your area.

Remember that you're not alone.  Others out there suffer from a fear of flying.  Many of them have been able to overcome the problem.  Flying should be a fun and rewarding experience that takes you to far off places.  And it will be after you put your fear of flying behind you!

What You Need To Know About Insomnia

Many people are familiar with insomnia and also with the person suffering from the disorder.   Only a few of these people understand how the condition affects the body and the complications that can occur to people that are suffering from the condition.  Insomnia is not just restlessness or having trouble sleeping at night, but is a serious health issue that can cause numerous problems if not treated in an effective manner.  Insomnia can affect a number of different areas of a person’s health and if the person delays treatment for too long, they may need to be hospitalized to regain their health.

What Is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder characterized by a having a hard time getting to sleep and an inability to stay asleep throughout the night.A person can have insomnia if he has sleeplessness for an extended time period under typical, non-disruptive situations.Inspite of feeling sleepy one cannot get sleep according to his requirement.  Insomnia can be the result of physical or mental causes and is often treated by using several different types of treatment methods.

The different causes of insomnia?

Many cases of insomnia are due to an event that has altered the person’s current lifestyle or has added additional stress to the person's life. Many times, the person will find relief from the condition as their stress levels decrease and their anxiety disappears.The events that trigger insomnia can be different for each person, but the way that the condition affects the body will remain the same for every case.

There are several other things that have been pinpointed as major causes of cases of insomnia as well.  These include a hormonal imbalance in the body, mental conditions like depression or anxiety disorders, and medications such as stimulants and amphetamines.  Insomnia can also be caused by repeated disruptions in the middle of the night, such as a baby crying, loud traffic or trains passing by the home, disturbing nightmares, and getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

How Is It Treated?

If a person is looking for an insomnia cure, the cause of the condition must first be pinpointed and fixed or the treatment will not be effective.  If the condition is caused by a prescription that the person is taking, they may need to switch to a different prescription.  If the cause of insomnia is stress, then the person may need to change their lifestyle or eliminate the cause of the stress before being prescribed medications such as anti-depressants or sedatives.  There are many different medical, physical, and herbal treatments that can be used to treat the condition and the one that is chosen will depend on a person's particular case.

5 Tips To Help You Stop Snoring Tonight

Did you know that there are proven methods to help you stop snoring immediately? No a lot of restless nights. No more arguments along with your spouse or sleeping in separate rooms. Individuals who snore are all too acquainted with these eventualities, but it doesn’t have to continue.

Tip one
Eliminate the presence of mud, pet hair and cigarette smoke from your home. These varieties of allergens make it difficult to breathe and particularly bothersome for people who have been diagnosed with allergies. When respiration becomes troublesome, air passages are restricted and this ends up in snoring. Lying down at midnight will make these issues worse, thus it’s best to rid your home of allergens and always use air filtration units in every room of the home, especially within the bedroom.

Tip a pair of
Use an anti-snoring device, like the Sleep Genie from Odyssey Direct Solutions, Inc. This product is doctor tested and approved. It's made of a nylon lycra blend thus that it fits comfy on the top and below the jaw. Comfortably supporting the jaw while keeping the mouth closed during sleep is it’s primary goal. Individuals who sleep with their mouth closed don't have the ability to snore, which is why the Sleep Genie may be a product that has former-snoring sufferers snoozing while not a peep.

Tip 3
Sleep on your aspect rather than your back. Studies show that individuals who sleep on their back tend to be a lot of likely to snore than those that are facet or stomach sleepers.

Tip 4
If you suffer from allergies, sinus infections or have been diagnosed with a chilly or the flu, strive inhaling steam from hot running water before bedtime. This can help to open up the air passages naturally and allow you to breathe easier, which may cut back snoring

Tip 5
Strive using 2 customary pillows rather than one. With your head elevated slightly, your air passages could not become as restricted. Often, passages become blocked when fatty tissue in the throat relaxes and makes it difficult to breath. Snoring is often the result, but having an extra pillow might facilitate to curb the problem.

This text is meant for informational functions only. It should not be used as, or in preference to, skilled medical advice. Before beginning any treatment for snoring, please consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis and remedy.

To find a great way to stop snoring naturally, visit this site: how to stop snoring. how to stop snoring tells you the most efficient ways to stop snoring during sleep. Go to how to stop snoring now and stop snoring tonight!

Why You May Need Anbiotics After or Before Dental Surgery

gum disease

I have been discovering why dentists will sometimes prescribe antibiotics before or after a dental procedure. I have made up my mind that it is merely for the faster healing of the gums but after doing my research, I was stunned with what I found out. Before or even after a bloody surgical procedure, antibiotics are prescribed but only to those with increased risk of bacterial endocarditis. I used my search engine and found out that bacteria are in abundance in the mouth - but not all kinds of bacteria increases your risk of endocarditis. People with history of the said disease, those with cardiac valve abnormalities and people with congenital heart disease, I may not have mentioned all but they are at highest risk of endocarditis and they have to have prophylactic antibiotic therapy. Bacterial Endocarditis is said to damage the heart valves when the bacteria in the bloodstream embeds in the defective heart valves, then it infects the heart's inner lining.

You might think that you are not in control of situations such as this but I have read that it helps to maintain maximum care for gums and teeth to prevent undergoing invasive treatments that can lead to endocarditis. You have to also practice great care in flossing or brushing so as not to spread disease as your gums become infected. Ask your dentist about it and the dentist would gladly discuss it with you, as my dentist did.

Another reason for prophylactic antibiotic treatment is when a patient is diabetic - dentists make sure the patient doesn't catch infections by healing the gums after an invasive treatment. Our oral health should be properly guarded to prevent any form of infection that might harm our over all well being.

Some products that might be helpful in helping you to pevent expensive dental treatments include therabreath mouthwash, a portable oral irrigator and the hydro floss

Disclaimer: If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem, please visit your doctor or periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment. This article is for information purposes only and does not intend to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment for any health condition. The USFDA has not evaluated any statements about any products in this article 

Top Ten Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome Characteristics

Primary activities that interfere with adrenal health and your life energy.

Over time, life events whether acute or prolonged can wear on the energy reserves of the human body. The kidneys and adrenals need to recover. Either a person is able to support that process or they become involved in these activities:  

  1. Working too much: Due to insecurity whether it's boss sponsored or yourself, the end result is you go too hard and long beyond your adrenal's reserves. Your work manager may be requesting excessive work while you surrender to the task with little opposition to his irrational requests. You need to honor your needs. The job or others will not. Its time, to take care of yourself. Now, is an opportunity to learn to recognize when you are approaching your exhaustive boundaries.
  2. Incongruence: Personal dishonoring. You say no when you mean to say yes and you say yes when you mean no. This may entail family, friends, job and community. This condition creates a foundtion for personal disgust. You need to slow down until can hear your voice or higher consult clearly. Subsequently, discern how to follow through on that foundation rather than react.
  3. Over-indulgence: Excessive occupation with anything such as food, drug, sport, etc. can result in an imbalance where your primary needs are neglected. Sleep can be interrupted if your belly is too full, prevents laying down and raises blood sugar where you remain in a wakeful state. Athletics can be conducted beyond your reserves thus weakening your immunity and protection. Sports are OK but there needs to be a steady buildup, not an all out blast of epinephrine, to the point of exhaustion. Physical and spiritual energy enhancers like Tai Chi, Qi gong and Yoga have aided many desiring vitality.
  4. Harassment: Whether it's a personal relationship work relationship or neighbor, this can be very disturbing. When insomnia is the norm then it would be advisable to re-assess the need for the relationship or determine strategies for fixing the relationship. Working with a counselor, psychotherapist or Spiritual Life Coach can be very beneficial in resolving this concern.
  5. Menopause and Andropause: The liver in the body can become excessively warm due to toxicity. Body heat rises up and body cold lowers down. When liver heat rises, the waves to varying degrees heat up everything up through to the head. At night, the heat causes sweating, keeps us alert, excess thinking, avoidance of deep level (REM) sleep, etc. When you cool the liver with diet and Chinese herbs, this aspect is removed from the equation.

For the last 5 causes of Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue