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A growing concern with middle aged adults is how to care for an elderly parent. As a kid you never thought about what the future would bring. But people age and they get sick. Sometimes you can take care of them yourself but other times you have to let a professional step in. It can be a tremendously hard decision to turn over your parents' or loved ones well being to an elder care facility or nurse. It is a huge decision and one you cannot take lightly. You need to educate yourself as much as possible. In this article we will cover some of the basic questions and concerns you may have about this situation. It may not give you complete peace of mind but it can help.

At what age do most people need elder care?

That is a hard question to answer because it can vary. In general it would be anyone over the age of sixty but it can be younger depending on the needs of the patient. Elder care is not restricted to those who are well advanced in years. Often illness and diseases such as cancer can make caring for an older member of the family a difficult time. There are also cases of people needing elderly care facilities because they have no one at home or in the area that can care for them. Sometimes the people that enter these facilities can be middle age. So "elder" is a relative term. But it is most often associated with those that have retired and are advanced in years.

Will insurance cover elder care?

Yes, most all insurance companies will cover any type of elder care that your parent or loved one needs. That being said you do need to look at the policy to find out what the insurance cap is and exactly what will be covered. Many elderly individuals have regular insurance and often Medicaid or Medicare (if they reside in the United States) to help cover any gaps.

If my parent is going to need elder care in a nursing facility, how is his or her property managed?

If your parent owns his or her home it can be a bit of a financial tangle to get them admitted to the nursing facility. Most nursing homes, or nursing facilities, will want all of their assets to help cover the costs of the patient residing there. This is especially true if insurance will not fully cover their stay along with medical, dental, vision and prescription costs. Most families will sell off the home or assets before putting their parents into a nursing home. Before you admit your parent into a nursing home/facility you need to sit down with the administrator of the facility to find out what happens to your parent's property.

How should I handle coping with my parent needing elder care while they are dying?

Unfortunately parents do pass way. Some may do it unexpectedly and some may linger with an illness or disease for quite a period of time. If you have to cope with a parent that is dying you need a lot of support. That support can come from friends, other family members and even organizations. You have to keep several things in mind. You will need someone to provide elder care if your parent wishes to remain in his or her home, or even your home. That means you need to contact a hospice group. Your parent's physician can write the orders for hospice care so that it is paid by insurance. You also need to make sure you take time for yourself. Yes, you do want to be with your parent at all times but you still need time to come to grips with what is happening.

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