Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables have become synonymous with back care and back pain relief. People around the globe choose Teeter because of the natural approach to health care their products have.

Millions of people are affected by the limitations of severe back pain that doctors state is caused by weak muscles and daily stress. By the very nature of our current daily lives and lack of proper exercise, our mid section core muscles have weakened. If care is not taken to treat back pain properly it will only become more severe in later years.

The use of gravity in order to treat a person's ailments can be traced back to century old practices.  

So what exactly is entailed in the treatment? The first and possibly most important part is just to relax. It only takes a short while of being inverted on one of these tables for the body to start to naturally decompress allowing your body and gravity to hydrate soft tissue in the joints.  

In a nutshell, the decompression process works in the opposite way to when you are upright. Known as the "perfect stretch", this helps naturally relieve back pain, keeping the weight-bearing joints healthy, which can result in better balance, posture, and symmetry.

Teeter offer a couple of inversion products in their popular EP series. Making use of their patented FLEX Technology you get a range of motion that promotes spine realignment and muscle relaxation. Teeter claims they have the only inversion products that can be modified with accessories. They have also voluntarily tested their products to meet medical grade standards.   

Teeter EP-550   
The Teeter EP-550 inversion product is the company's entry level and more popular table in this range. Included is their patented ergonomic motion flexibility known as FLEX Technology, ankle comfort dial and pre-set rotation control.

Teeter EP-950
The Teeter EP-950 has all the basic features of the EP-550 but does included some useful extras. EZ Stretch traction handles and an exercise DVD are among the extras. 

Another popular product is the Teeter Dex hip-support inversion offering. With this product you can target your lower back and core muscles more effectively. Exercises you can perform are resistance programs, crunches, tricep dips and of course lower back extensions.

In addition to being sold in stores, all Teeter inversion tables can be bought online and come with a 30 day money back guarantee.